Being a blog about beautiful people and their stories, we are not limiting ourself to blog only about Malaysia and Asia celebrities.

Sometimes normal people are far more beautiful than celebrities themselves. Malaysia female have this natural beauty inside of them which can melt any male heart who look into them, especially Malay Malaysian.

Fore more picture of beautiful Malay Malaysia female/girl pictures, please read the full article.

Sexy Girl

Awek Melayu Comel

Most of Malaysian girl want to be as Awek Melayu Comel (Cute). To be as Awek Melayu Comel, some of Awek Melayu wears cute clothing and latest fashions. Many reasons to be as Awek Melayu Comel, such as want get an attention, love and respect. Malaysian guy love Awek Melayu Comel. Being Awek Melayu Comel is not just a learned skill, it's an art.

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